DIY Melted Heart Backdrop – Video Tutorial

DIY Melted Heart Backdrop by Munchkintime-- - #diy #decor
Hi guys!

Today I would like to share an easy crayon melting art project that we created called DIY Melted Heart Backdrop.

DIY Melted Heart Backdrop – is a backdrop made of melted crayon and wax paper to create unique melted heart look.
This backdrop is perfect for Valentine decorations or just girls bedroom decor.

Add your own touch by creating different heart shapes and color!

My daughter and I enjoyed shaving our crayons, choosing our favorite colors, and seeing how those crayon shavings melt!

Have some fun with it!

If you make DIY Melted Heart Backdrop please tag my name @munchkintimeblog or #munchkintimedotcom on Instagram, I would LOVE to see your creation.

Now scroll down to watch a video tutorial.

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To make melted heart backdrop you will need:

pencil sharpener

wax paper


heart-shape cookie cutter

2 sheets of paper

Sharpen crayons with a pencil sharpener to create crayon shavings.
Place one sheet of paper on a table surface.  Cut wax paper into rectangle shape and place it on top of the paper.  Sprinkle crayon shavings over wax paper, fold wax paper in half, then place second sheet of paper on top of the wax paper.  Iron it on a medium heat.  Let it cool.
Trace hearts over cooled melted crayons, then cut the hearts out.

String each heart thru needle and thread and hang it on a tree branch.

I saved my branches from the Christmas tree that we had this year!

Did you liked this DIY backdrop tutorial?

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DIY Melted Heart Backdrop by Munchkintime-- - #diy #decor

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DIY Melted Heart Room Decor by Munchkintime-- - #diy #valentinesday

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    1. I am sure she will, our favorite part was blending few colors together and watching how they blend in!

    1. Thank you so much Catherine, I am sure your boys will love this project, perfect way to use those broken crayons!

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