How To Make Slime Using Just 2 Ingredients (7 of 22)
My daughter loves hands on on messy activities, cause when it is a messy activity it is always a F-U-N activity.  For today’s messy activity we want to share with you how to make a slime using  just 2 ingredients, that cost us less than $1. Do you want to guess what 2 ingredients we used?
Those ingredients are WATER and CORNSTARCH!

That is all what you will need to make THIS! (3 of 22)
Here is how to make slime:

1. Take 1/2 cup of water and mix it with 1 cup of a cornstarch in a big bowl. (2 of 22)
Now let those little hands dig in. (13 of 22)
It is always fun when your friend comes over for some slime. (20 of 22)
So you can do this. =) (22 of 22)
Or make some soup. LOL (5 of 22)
Now lets add some color to our slime by adding food coloring. (9 of 22)
Pretty blue. (6 of 22) (7 of 22) (10 of 22)
Now lets add some yellow to make a green slime. (12 of 22)
This sure was fun!  It lasted for more than 30 min, not bad for 2 toddler girls who get bored easily…

…and that is How you can Make Slime Using Just 2 Ingredients.

Do your kids like messy play?

P.s – I think we added to much of food coloring that it stained Anika’s little hand, next time we will be using just few drops. =)

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    1. That is awesome! Slime and pasta sounds like a fun activity! Thank you for pinning it! =)

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