2 Ingredients to Make Fun and Foamy Bathpaint

munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-3Here is a fun kids activity your child will enjoy while taking a bath it is called 2 Ingredients to Make Fun and Foamy Bathpaint.

Meet my little artist, Anika.  She loves to paint.

I don’t know why I didn’t tried this fun and foamy bathtub paint activity before.  It is amazing!!!

homemade paint

2 Ingredients to Make Fun and Foamy Bath-paint:

shaving cream

washable paint

munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-5

I am in love with this recipe and so does Anika.

So easy and so much FUN

(writing letter A)

munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-6…I mean look at that J-O-Y😀

munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-7

…and of course finger painting is a must…

…what a creative masterpiece !!!munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-8

Here is more…

munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-9

… and we are done!

munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-10 WAIT!!! not yet this stuff is so foamy and slippery it feels like you have a lot of lotion on your hands.

Now we are DONE!!!


Try this recipe with your munchkin and let me know in the comments below if they liked it.

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