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Discover 3 New Ways to Make Hot Cross Buns

Discover 3 New Ways to Make Hot Cross Buns

Discover 3 New Ways to Make Hot Cross Buns – these 3 ingredients will transform your hot cross buns into an Incredibly Delicious Easter Tradition.  Here are 3 ingredients or 3 ways you can make your Cross Buns not ONLY fluffy, yummy and beautiful but also colorful, healthyish and irresistibly […]

Italian Dessert Coffee Ice Cream Affogato Recipe - Munchkin Time

Italian Dessert Coffee Ice Cream Affogato Recipe

WARNING:  THIS ITALIAN DESSERT IS EXTREMELY ADDICTING!!! THIS Italian Dessert is also called an “Affogato” it is extremely delicious!  To make this yummy goodness, all YOU will need is a shot of an espresso and cold ice cream, but if you want to go an extra mile, YOU can drizzle some […]

CHRISTMAS Cookies Whoopie Pie Recipe - delicious Christmas Cookies to put in the stocking or to deliver to your neighbors. They are so good!


CHRISTMAS Cookies WHOOPIE PIE Cookie Recipe – YOUR friends & family won’t be able to resist these soft & sweet Christmas cookies called Whoopie Pies.  They are made of 2 soft & fluffy chocolate cookies, filled with cream cheese filling and dipped in candy canes pieces.   They are so scrumptious!!! […]

Bulgarian Paklava Recipe Recipe flaky and super crispy but moisty at the same time. A delicious Thanksgiving Recipe from MunchkinTime.com.

Delicious Bulgarian Baklava Recipe (Walnut pie)

Delicious Bulgarian Baklava Recipe (Walnut pie) – flaky and super crispy but moist at the same time.  This Walnut Pie is made of crispy filo pastry and lots of nuts.  Next, every two layers are filled with buttery almond mixture, follow by 2 caramelized hazelnut layers in between.  YOU are […]

Scrumptious Peach Pie Walnut Bars Recipe - it is so GOOD!!!

Peach Pie Walnut Bars Recipe

Now, let me share this scrumptious & sweet Peach Pie Walnut Bars Recipe.  One day my Girlfriend came over to visit me,  I baked this easy to make Peach Pie for us to enjoy it with tea.  She loved it!  Next day, she called me and asked for the recipe […]

Delicious Mother's Day Flowers - made of Easy Cookie Recipe, colorful icing and chocolate muffins covered with shaved chocolate.

Mother’s Day Flowers Easy Cookie Recipe

Flower Cookies in the Pot Mother’s Day Flowers Easy Cookie Recipe is brought to by Fred Meyer Store ClickList – Order Your Groceries Online! Thank you! What a huge blessing it is to me, mama of 2 girls, to use Fred Meyer’s Clicklist.  You order your food online, set your […]

Raspberry Banana Smoothie Bowl Recipe - made of organic raspberries, banana, yogurt, apple juice and chai seeds.

Raspberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

What is a Smoothie Bowl Smoothie Bowl is a bowl of freshly blend smoothie with fresh berries on top and other things like organic chai seeds.  I love making breakfast smoothies for my girls and to make it fun we like to pour our smoothies into the bowls and decorate […]

Best Blueberry Muffin Recipe - loaded with scrumptious summer blueberries.

Best Blueberry Muffin Recipe (Video)

Best Blueberry Muffin Recipe you will ever make! They are made with buttermilk and loaded with fresh blueberries, plus a blueberry compote that gets swirled right into the muffins! They’re topped with a sweet crumb topping and the results are buttery, soft, and delicious!  The sweet crumbly streusel on top […]

Pink Raspberry Fool No Bake Dessert Recipe for Valentines Day

PINK Raspberry Fool NO BAKE Dessert Recipe

PINK Raspberry Fool NO BAKE Dessert Recipe NO BAKE DESSERTS are my favorite!  I just love the idea of creating a finger-licking dessert without turning ON the oven.  Here is a pinkaliciously delicious, Raspberry Fool Recipe, it is made of blended fresh berries and served with smooth berry cream.  It […]

Nutty Italian Cake Recipe with Step by Step Pictures - Munchkin Time

Nutty Italian Cake Recipe

    Here is a perfect dessert recipe to make for upcoming family gatherings called Nutty Italian Cake Recipe! This classic Italian cake is one of those fall recipes my girls and I enjoy baking and eating during fall and winter.  If you are in the baking mood check out […]

Classic Tiramisu Recipe is what Taste of Italy is all about. #tasteofItaly

Classic Tiramisu Recipe

Classic Tiramisu Recipe This Classic Tiramisu Recipe is super easy to make and tastes so delicate with a hint of dark espresso.  The cake is made of Italian lady fingers, Italian mascarpone cheese and garnished with unsweetened cocoa powder.  This light as a cloud dessert can be served on any […]

Oreo Ice Cream Cake Pops Recipe

  This Oreo Ice Cream Cake Pops Recipe tastes so good on a hot summer day, that it will easily become your favorite summer dessert recipe. Made of 3 delicious ice creams that I got from my local Fred Meyer Store, followed by blended Oreo cookies to make these ice […]

Blueberry Peach Nutella Pavlova Recipe - melt in your mouth dessert! #pavlovarecipe

Blueberry Peach Nutella Pavlova Recipe – Video

Pavlova Recipe is one of my favorite dessert to make & eat during summer times.  All of those fresh local berries taste so heavenly with meringue and Nutella.  Even tho it bakes really slow, this dessert is so worth trying. Made of delicious meringue followed by yummy Nutella spread and […]

European Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake Recipe - Munchkintime #chocolatecakerecipe #italiandessertrecipes...-www.munchkintime.com

European Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake Recipe

Introducing – delicate, moist, creamy European Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake Recipe brought to you by Willapa Hills Family Farm and Creamery. This Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake made of 3 sponge layers, brushed with delicious syrup, followed by melted dark chocolate, creamy cream cheese frosting and garnished with dark chocolate shavings and […]

Nutty Chocolate Chocolate Chips Muffins Recipe - moist chocolate chocolate chip muffins topped with chopped nuts -- www.munchkintime.com #chocolatechipsmuffins

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

  Craving Double Chocolate Chip Muffins? Satisfy your craving by learning how to make nutty Double Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe from scratch. These moist chocolate muffins made of simple ingredients like flour, cocoa powder, brown sugar, buttermilk, vegetable oil, eggs, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, vanilla extract, baking soda, salt and baking powder. Ready […]

Paska Easy Easter Bread Recipe by Love Keil -- www.munchkintime.com

Easy Easter Bread Recipe

  Baking Easter Bread on Easter is one of my favorite family traditions.  I remember my mama always made Easter Bread on Friday nights right before Easter.  Now, even tho I have my family, I love going to my mama’s house and bake Easter Bread and color eggs together with […]

Naked Carrot CAke by Love Keil -- www.munchkintime.com #carrotcake

Naked Carrot Cake

    Hello my dear friend, I hope you are having a wonderful day! Do you mind if I make your day even more sweeter, by showing you how to make this delicate and lips-smacking Naked Carrot Cake?!? This Carrot Cake Recipe is made of buttermilk, two cups of  grated […]

Nut Clusters No Bake Dessert Recipe- www.munchkintime.com #valentinesdayrecipe

Nut Clusters No Bake Dessert Recipe

  Who can say No to Chocolate Nut Clusters?!? I know I can’t! If you are chocolate, almond, cashew and peanut lover like I  am, then you are going to love this easy shmizzy Nut Clusters No Bake Dessert Recipe. Made of just 4 ingredients that I just listed it […]