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Chicken Tomato Panzanella - delicious chicken meal with an extra kick! It is so Good!!!

Chicken Tomato Panzanella

  Chicken Tomato Panzanella – thinly pounded and seasoned chicken breast seared on a hot skillet, topped with delicious tomato panzanella salad and garnished with fresh luscious parsley.  In the summer, I like to serve this crispy chicken with cheesy mashed potatoes and Iced Sweet Tea, you can see it […]

BEST Pinkalicious Deviled Eggs Recipe (Video Inside)

Easy Pinkalicious Deviled Eggs Recipe (Video Coming Soon)

  Have you tried Pinkalicious Deviled Eggs Recipe before? These Deviled Eggs are made of flavorful Sriracha sauce, mayo, freshly squeezed lemon juice, beets, chives and dill. The combination of these ingredients gives these deviled eggs a crazy tasty kick! They are called Pinkalicious because they were pickled in beet […]

7 Mouth-Watering Easy Chicken Recipes

7 Must-Try Mouth-Watering Easy Chicken Recipes

Dinner Ideas for Tonight Here are 7 Mouth-Watering Easy Chicken Recipes that you can make for dinner tonight.  From chicken breast recipes to chicken thighs, these 7 delicious dinner ideas will satisfy any hungry tummy. If you make Easy Chicken Recipes please tag my name @munchkintimeblog  on Instagram, I would LOVE […]

Raspberry Banana Smoothie Bowl Recipe - made of organic raspberries, banana, yogurt, apple juice and chai seeds.

Raspberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

What is a Smoothie Bowl Smoothie Bowl is a bowl of freshly blend smoothie with fresh berries on top and other things like organic chai seeds.  I love making breakfast smoothies for my girls and to make it fun we like to pour our smoothies into the bowls and decorate […]

One-Pot Meal French Chicken Fricassee Recipe - Munchkin Time

One-Pot Meal Chicken Fricassee Recipe

A Chicken Fricassee Recipe is a one-pot French chicken stew.  Made of humble ingredients like onion, mushrooms, potato and chicken, cooked in silky white wine sauce.  A delicious comfort food made in just one pot or a skillet.  My girls and my hubby love this chicken stew.    As for me, […]

Grilled Broccoli Recipe with Anchovy Rosemary Dressing

Grilled Broccoli Recipe with Anchovy Rosemary Dressing

Grilled Broccoli Recipe with Anchovy Rosemary Dressing is a delicious Thanksgiving side dish with a kick.  Homemade dressing plus grilled broccoli made of just  7 simple ingredients that creates an amazing flavor.  The ingredients are broccoli, fresh lemon juice, anchovies, fresh rosemary, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to […]

Crispy Oven Fries (Video Inside) In a large mixing bowl combine ...

Crispy Potato Wedges Recipe (Video Inside)

Crispy Potato Wedges Recipe Are you a potato lover?  If yes, then you will love this potato wedges recipe! Made of potato wedges, freshly minced garlic, lots of Kosher salt and flavorful paprika.  This recipe is super easy to make and it makes the best side dish for tailgate party.  […]

GUACAMOLE Recipe Simple BEST Avocado Dip!

Guacamole Recipe Simple

GUACAMOLE Recipe Simple BEST Avocado Dip! When a dear friend shares a delicious recipe with you, you share it with the world!  Thank You so much Tanya for sharing this guacamole recipe with me! It is made of fresh ingredients like ripe jumbo size avocados, ripe tomatoes on the vine, […]

7-Ingredient Italian Tomato Salad - made of delicious ripe tomatoes, Italian Balsamic Vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and salt and super. Pure Yumminess!

Italian Tomato Salad Recipe

  Italian Tomato Salad Are you a tomato lover?  Do you like to eat a good tomato salad? Here is a delicious and super easy #TasteofItaly Tomato Salad that I have eaten lately – made of ripe from the garden cherry tomatoes, Italian extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar […]

Italian Pasta Salad Recipe is what Taste of Italy is all about. #tasteofItaly

Irresistible Italian Pasta Salad Recipe

  Irresistible Italian Pasta Salad loaded with chicken, artichoke, black olives, cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes and delicious homemade cream. Pasta recipe that will not disappoint! This Italian recipe is one of the #TasteofItaly recipes that I created for Fred Meyer Stores. I am so honored to take part in Fred Meyer’s […]

Easy and Super Delicious Italian Salad Recipe #TasteofItaly - MunchkinTime.com

Italian Salad Recipe

This must try Italian Salad Recipe is just beyond delicious!  It is one of the recipes I created for Fred Meyer’s #TasteofItaly event that will be going on in September, 2016! This salad recipe is full of fresh ingredients like organic romaine lettuce, juicy cherry tomatoes, green olives, peperoncinis, red […]

5-min Italian Vinaigrette Tomato Bites - Appetizer Recipe (Video Inside)

5-min Tomato Bites – Appetizer Recipe (Video Inside)

  This 5-min Tomato Bites Appetizer Recipe taste super delicious!  Made of organic tomatoes, ripe avocado, crispy bacon, yummy feta cheese and dressed in Brianna’s Home Style Italian Vinaigrette Dressing that I got from my June Degustabox USA.  Degustabox is a surprise food box from Barcelona, Spain. Brianna’s Home Style […]

Cheesy Chicken Bacon #Penini - grilled chicken breast topped with baked bacon and ripe tomatoes, followed by melted cheese. #peninirecipes

Grilled Cheese Chicken Panini Sandwich

Lets celebrate with sizzling Grilled Cheese Chicken Panini Sandwich! Loaded with simple yet amazingly delicious ingredients like mozzarella cheese, crisp bacon, grilled chicken, ripe tomatoes and buttery homemade white bread. Wait. What are we celebrating? National Cheese Day of course! Did you know June 4th is National Cheese Day here […]

Scoop of seafood Paella on a wooden spoon.

Chicken Thighs and Shrimp Paella Recipe

Chicken Thighs and Shrimp Paella Recipe is brought to you by Fred Meyer– Save time, money & gas. La Paella is a traditional dish from Spain. Easy Shrimp Paella is super easy to make and it’s infused with the most delicious flavorful taste. The king ingredient for Easy Paella Recipe […]

Perfect Roast Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary - Roast on the outside and soft on the inside. Rosemary and garlic gives these potatoes amazing flavor in bite! // www.munchkintime.com #potatorecipe #sidedishrecipe

Perfect Roast Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary

Introducing Perfect Roast Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary! Looking for a perfect side dish recipe to make for upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas? Or maybe you are looking for yummy side dish that will go perfect with a grilled steak? You don’t have to look any longer! This side […]

Tomato Salad with Greek Yogurt and Cheese

Tomato Salad with Greek Yogurt and Cheese

Here is a wonderful and a quick salad recipe that I would like to share with you my dear friend, it’s simply called Tomato Salad with Greek Yogurt and Cheese. Made of few ingredients like red ripe tomatoes, Greek yogurt, grated Romano cheese, garlic, and fresh chopped dill. Really simple […]

Oven Baked Alaskan Cod Parcels and Roasted Vegetables #codrecipe #dinnerrecipe www.munchkintime.com

Oven Baked Cod Parcels with Roasted Vegetables

Oven Baked Cod Parcels with Roasted Vegetables – Enjoy this healthy dinner with side dish of your choice. Talking about fish parcels, here is a deliciously zesty Baked Cod Recipe, full of yummy roasted vegetables and baked in creamy butter. I hope you like this recipe! If you make Oven Baked […]

Cottage Cheese Pancakes #Breakfastrecipes #pancakesrecipe

Cottage Cheese Pancakes Recipe

Here is a quick and easy Cottage Cheese Pancakes Recipe I would recommend every pancake lover to try! Made of five simple ingredients like cottage cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and flour. I am sure you will like them as much as we do! Lets begin! Place cottage cheese in […]