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DIY Electro Dough Kit Cool Science Experiments for Kids from Timberdoodle

Electro Dough Science Experiment for Kids

DIY Electro Dough Kit is a Cool Science Experiment for kids ages 4 to 104.  This product is made by Technology Will Save Us company and it’s one of exciting component of Timberdoodle’s 2016 First-Grade Curriculum Kit!

DIY Electro Dough Kit Cool Science Experiments for Kids from Timberdoodle

Product Review

First your child will make her own conductive dough from scratch (my daughter had a lot of fun making her dough, I will share a video soon on how she made her dough).

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A girl doing Science Experiment for Kids using dough from Timberdoodle.Then she will learn how electricity works and make cool masterpieces with conductive dough and finally she will play with lights, switches and buzzers.

How fun is that?!?DIY Electro Dough Kit Science Experiments for Kids from Timberdoodle


How to use DIY Electro Dough Kit

First you are going to make your own electro dough.

Timberdoodle will send you a FREE PDF file with 10 LESSONS THAT EXPLORE ELECTRICITY and Electro Dough Recipe.

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When using electro dough, kids are inspired to use their imagination.  They can make what ever they want like a cake or a dinosaur.

Using red or green LEDs they can light up candles on the cake or make dinosaur’s back get lighted with color.

A girl at the table kneading play dough for her science experiment.

Cool Science Experiment

My daughter enjoyed making a papa and mama bear using cookie cutter that came with DIY Electro Dough Kit.

Girl attaching wires to her Electro Dough.

Using red led she connected papa’s and mama’s hand together then red light turned on, and it was really cool!

Above shot of the science experiment using play dough and electro wires.

Later Ani made one jumbo ball, then she connected wires and made it buzz.  We even had my 2 year old join us along.  It was messy but so much fun!

DIY Electro Dough Kit Science Experiments for Kids from Timberdoodle. The lights turn on connected thru play dough.

Electro Dough

We did had a little problem with our eletro dough.  After we made it, it had an awesome texture and it was easy to shape up anything we wanted.

Later we wrapped the dough with plastic food wrapper so we could use it next day.  We left it on a book shelf.  Next day I noticed there was a liquid around the dough and when we started using the dough it was dry and was falling apart. 🙁

It is kinda of my fault! I used Epson salt instead of regular salt because I didn’t had enough, so my dough didn’t turned out the way it should be.

Next time I am defiantly going to use exact ingredients that are in the recipe.

Please don’t repeat my mistake follow exact measurements and steps and your dough will be great!

A girl doing Electro Dough Kit Science Experiments for Kids from TimberdoodleBesides the dough problem I would highly recommend this science kit to my best friend!

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Please let me know in the comment below, I would love to hear from you.A manual of the Electro Dough Kit from Timberdoodle.

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