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Flower Coloring Experiment


munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-31 Here is a fun and easy Flower Coloring Experiment my toddler and I did recently.  It was a perfect science experiment to show my daughter how flowers drink water, and how they can change colors as well.  We got this Flower Coloring Experiment idea from here.

For this Flower Coloring Experiment you will need:


  • 24 hours
  • white roses (you can use different kind of flowers but they must be white color 🙂
  • flower vases
  • food coloring(we picked blue and red)
  • water


1. Mix food paint with water.

2. Then pour it into the vase.

3. Cut flower’s stem at an angle, then put it in the vase

4. Observe flower for 24 hours.munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-29We started of with some spilling…

munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-28….there much better now. 🙂

munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-27munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-26munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-24Labeling our flowers “Blue” and “Red”

munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-23munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-22


BEFOREmunchkintime.com (1 of 1)-20



munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-17munchkintime.com (1 of 1)-18

CONCLUSION: After 24 hours our roses changed their colors.  As you can see in AFTER  pictures they weren’t colored all the way, I think maybe because we had big flowers and they needed more time to change color.  I explained to Anika that flowers drink water thru the stem, and if we add color to the water the flower will change their color.

Later we tried this experiment again.  We used little flower this time.  It turned into a beautiful  blue flower.




My daughter and I enjoyed this Flower Coloring Experiment.

Hope you will try this Flower Coloring Experiment with your munchkin!






  1. This is such a great idea. Kids can see science happening in real life.

  2. Haven’t done this since grade school! Great thing to share with the kids!
    Thanks for sharing with us on VMG206 Brag About It! So glad you came over for the party!

  3. It’s so fun to do science experiments! My younger siblings are all into that, and they love watching science shows on youtube like Steve Spangler or Johnathan Bird!

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