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Foot Prints Craft for Kids – Mother’s Day Gift Idea

I fell in love with this project from the first time I saw it on Pinterest.  I wanted to do this kind of footprints project, while my babies are still tiny, so when they get bigger they will see how tiny their little feet were one day. =) For some reason I thought I needed to buy a special dough for this.  So when I saw it on Pintrest and it was made with all of the ingredients I have at home, which is salt, water, and flour, I was so excited and made it right that day.  My toddler loved the idea of playing with dough, specially printing her little footprints.  It was a fun project for all of us.

I am thinking of giving this little heart with two little feet, as a gift to my mother for upcoming Mother’s Day. I am having a feeling she is going to like this little gift, that my baby girl Anika will present it to her with a bouquet of flowers.

Now lets get started!!


 For this Project you will need:

Preheat the oven at 200F

1 cup of Salt

1 cup of Flour

1/2 cup of Water


Now mix all of the ingredients together and you are ready to create any masterpiece you would like, in our case it was a heart, a flower, and a weird looking shape for a hand print.


Working on our masterpiece.


Here comes our heart…


…now there comes the little feet.


Anishka’s crafty little hand.


Once you finished with your last touches bake it at 200F for 3 hours or until it gets hard as a rock.


Let it cool.


Now lets paint.


Then let it dry.


Tadaaaa……Our little project is complete.

The project was inspired by www.squidoo.com/salt-dough-footprint-heart.

Have a Blessing Day!



  1. Love, love, love this idea!
    And so simple too!
    Visiting from A little R&R

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