Q-tip Painting Activity for Kids

munchkintime.com (4 of 41)Today we tried Q-tip painting activity outside with girls. It was so nice to sit down and enjoy each others company while painting away all different kind of shapes like circles, lines, triangles, and flowers.

munchkintime.com (6 of 41)All what  you will need for this fun painting activity:

washable paint





munchkintime.com (8 of 41)Using Q-tips instead of paint brushes is such a good idea.  They are perfect for tiny little hands.

munchkintime.com (10 of 41) munchkintime.com (11 of 41) munchkintime.com (14 of 41) It was so cute to watch them proudly show one another their creative masterpieces.

munchkintime.com (15 of 41)munchkintime.com (20 of 41) munchkintime.com (22 of 41)munchkintime.com (23 of 41)They liked this activity so much that they were asking for more paper. =)

munchkintime.com (24 of 41)This activity is so simple…..

munchkintime.com (27 of 41)….yet so entertaining for little kids.

munchkintime.com (31 of 41)munchkintime.com (33 of 41)   munchkintime.com (41 of 41)I think we will be doing more Q-tip painting from now on.

munchkintime.com (40 of 41)Now go ahead and try this fun activity with your child.

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