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Easy Snowman Craft – Footprint Christmas Crafts

Snowman Craft for kids – My daughter and I love to read kids books and do a book activity before bed time.  Book activity is when we read a book and then we make a craft related to that book.

It is my favorite way to spend time with my daughter.  Last night we read “Little Snowman Stan Can’t We Share?” by Guido Van Genechten.

Snowman book

This book is about a new snowman Dmitri who came  to Freezeland village bare head.  He was sad because he lost his hat.  It’s about snowmen sharing their hats.

After reading this book we made  this snowman craft idea.  Isn’t sooo cute!?!
Easy Snowman Craft - Footprint Christmas CraftsTo make this Snowman Craft you will need acrylic paint, white water color paper, felt, glue, paint brush and little baby feet.

If you make this Easy Christmas Craft for Kids idea please tag my name @munchkintimeblog or #munchkintimeblog on Instagram, I would LOVE to see YOUR creation.

Easy Snowman Craft - Footprint Christmas CraftsPaint entire paper using blue paint.

 Footprint Christmas CraftsThen paint some snow on the bottom using white paint.
 Footprint Christmas CraftsPaint one foot using white paint color and make a print on the paper.

 Footprint Christmas Craft Footprint Christmas Craft making snowman.Make another baby’s footprint.

Easy Snowman Craft using Footprints Using a black pen draw eyes.

Easy Snowman Craft - Footprint Christmas CraftOut of orange felt cut out noses.

Snowman Book ActivityAlso using felt cut out two hats and scarves and glue them on both snowman.

Snow painting.Flip paint brush and add falling snow by using white paint.

Easy Snowman Craft Isn’t so cute!?!

Footprint Christmas Craft snowmen You can place it on the fridge or…

kids Book Activity…frame it in a beautiful frame.

I hope you enjoyed this book activity.

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  1. Love kids’ crafts, but especially that you started with a book (puts it in context) and then had her use her feet first — fun idea!

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