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Easy Delicate Chocolate Cake Spartak Recipe

Easy Delicate Chocolate Cake Spartak Recipe

This Delicate Chocolate Cake “Spartak” Recipe is beyond delicious.  It is made of multi chocolate layers and delicate white cream. The Best Spartak Cake Recipe! The texture of this Ukrainian Spartak Cake is so soft and light, it will melt in your mouth in every bite.  Love making this Chocolate Cake […]

Best Carrot Cake Recipe From Scratch - a cut open carrot cake on a cake stand. Another slice on a plate next to the carrot cake.

Best Carrot Cake Recipe From Scratch

Best Ever Carrot Cake Recipe From Scratch – this Moist Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting requires 1lb of carrots, its like eating vitamins in a cake form. Best homemade carrot cake recipe – tastes so yummy and so much better than store bought carrot cakes. Carrot Cake Recipe Notes Have eggs […]

3 Ingredients Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

3-ingredient Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake I would like to dedicate this 3-ingredient Gluten Free Chocolate Cake to a sweet lady named Beth, who I met at a coffee shop not long time ago. She asked me if I have any gluten free recipes on my blog and I said “NO!”. I […]

Chocolate Nutella and Strawberry Cake

Chocolate and Strawberry Cake Recipe

  Chocolate and Strawberry Cake  Here is a super yummy Chocolate and Strawberry Cake. This cake is made out of two chocolate cake layers, spread with delicious Nutella and topped with marinated strawberries. Did I tell you that my daughter absolutely loves baking.  She is the one who inspires me […]

Delicious Honey Cake Medovik

Easy Honey Cake Recipe “Medovik”

Easy Honey Cake Recipe “Medovik” Delicious and SUPER EASY Honey Cake recipe called “Medovik”  I love when my 4 year old daughter tells me “Mama lets make a cake.” Love how we both like baking together. Today we decided to make Russian Honey Cake.  It is super delicious. Made of […]