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The Best Cheese Dip Recipe.

10-Minute Mexican Cheese Dip Recipe

This Mexican cheese dip recipe is by far one of the best cheese dips I’ve ever had and not just because it was created by my cheese-adoring brother-in-law but because it’s a quick 10-minute dip made with 5 simple ingredients all combined in one skillet. And it is SO GOOD! […]

Cinco De Mayo Pot Roast Guacamole Taco Recipe May 2018 www.munchkintime.com

Cinco De Mayo Pot Roast Guacamole Taco Recipe

  Looking for a DELICIOUS and SUPER EASY RECIPE to make for Cinco De Mayo!?! YOU don’t have to look no more, I am presenting you an AMAZING Pot Roast Guacamole Taco Recipe.  Yep! A taco recipe made of pot roast beef, homemade guacamole & other yummy goodness that goes […]