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A slice of Russian Apple Sharlotka Cake Recipe.
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Super Easy Russian Apple Sharlotka Cake Recipe

Have you ever tried Russian Apple Sharlotka Cake Recipe?  A fluffy and super easy to make Apple Cake Recipe, made of sponge cake and fresh apples. Tastes incredibly delicious with a hot cup of coffee or tea! So, have YOU ever tried Sharlotka Apple Cake? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. […]

Delicious Honey Cake Medovik
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Easy Honey Cake Recipe “Medovik”

Easy Honey Cake Recipe “Medovik” Delicious and SUPER EASY Honey Cake recipe called “Medovik”  I love when my 4 year old daughter tells me “Mama lets make a cake.” Love how we both like baking together. Today we decided to make Russian Honey Cake.  It is super delicious. Made of sweet honey layers and light […]