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Chicken Tomato Panzanella - delicious chicken meal with an extra kick! It is so Good!!!

Chicken Tomato Panzanella

  Chicken Tomato Panzanella – thinly pounded and seasoned chicken breast seared on a hot skillet, topped with delicious tomato panzanella salad and garnished with fresh luscious parsley.  In the summer, I like to serve this crispy chicken with cheesy mashed potatoes and Iced Sweet Tea, you can see it […]

Tomato Tulips Easy Appetizer Recipe that even kids can make. - www.munchkintime.com-

Tomato Tulips Easy Appetizer Recipe

Easy and fun appetizer recipe called Tomato Tulips, perfect for holiday gathering. These little tomato tulips are stuffed with cream cheese, grated cucumber, basil, salt and garnished with chives and parsley. They look super impressive and taste really good! You can make them in just under 30 minutes. This fun […]