Torn Paper Pear

Torn Paper Pear

Torn Paper Pear Wow! We haven’t craft for so long.  Finally we got some crafting books from the library and our precious crafting time to make this beautiful and easy kids craft called Torn Paper Pear. It is super easy to make .  To make Torn Paper Pear you will need a pencil, colored paper and a hot glue.

Torn Paper PearDraw a pear just like illustrated on the picture above.

Torn Paper Pear Cut the pear into small parts like this ^.

Torn Paper Pear Taking one part from the pear draw it on a colorful paper.

Torn Paper Pear This is a perfect time to let your child choose his favorite colors.

Torn Paper Pear Instead of using scissors let your child slowly tear each part of the pear.

Torn Paper Pear Torn Paper Pear Torn Paper Pear Torn Paper Pear After you are done your pear going to look like this.

Torn Paper Pear Using hot glue gun carefully glue each piece together on a white paper.

Torn Paper Pear Place it in the frame with white paper or….

Torn Paper Pear …cut the white paper out just like this.

Torn Paper Pear Now it is ready to be framed.

Torn Paper Pear I hope you like this Torn Paper Pear paper craft for kids.

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Torn Paper Pear source: "My First Art Activity" by Clare Youngs

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