Carrot Cake From Scratch



1 hr 5 mins

8 servings


sugar grape seed oil eggs vanilla extract flour cinnamon baking soda salt carrots raisins walnuts Ingredients for Cream Cheese Frosting cream cheese confectioners sugar

Step 1

First lets preheat the oven to 400F. Using butter grease 9 by 2 inches round cake pan. Place a cut out parchment paper and place it on the bottom of the pan.

Step 2

Next, sift flour, cinnamon, baking soda and salt all at once into the bowl then set aside.

Step 3

Now, using mixer with paddle attachment beat eggs, sugar and oil on medium heat for about 2 minutes then add vanilla.

Step 4

After, add flour mixture one cup at a time then mix it on low.

Step 5

In a big bowl combine carrots, walnuts, raisins and 1 tbsp of flour and give it a mix using big spoon. Then stir it into the batter, mix until combined.

Step 6

Place the batter into the baking pan. Smooth the top with a spoon and bake for 10 minutes at 400F after 10 minutes lower the heat to 350F and bake for 30-35 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. Let it cool for 15 minutes.

Step 7

Using a mixer with a paddle attachment beat cream cheese & confectioners sugar.

Step 8

Finally, cut cake in half and spread the cream cheese frosting over two layers. Garnish with roasted chopped walnuts.

Step 9

Cut a slice and enjoy!

Delicious Walnut Carrot Cake Recipe From Scratch with raisins and cream cheese frosting.



Happy Cooking!