Garlic Chicken Wings

This garlic chicken recipe is how I make fried chicken wings without the flour. A simple and delicious batch of fried chicken wings!

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– 2 lb chicken wings pat dry with paper towel – 2 head garlic peeled and divided – 4 shallots peeled and cut in half – 1/4 cup water – 1 teaspoon sea salt – 2 teaspoons sugar – 2 teaspoons chilli powder – 1 teaspoon cumin – 1/4 cup potato starch – 1 inch avocado oil – 1 tablespoon dill finely chopped or parsley or any greens of your choice – 1 small lemon cut into wedges, for serving

Step 1

Into blender add half of the garlic cloves, 4 shallots, 1/4 water, blend until smooth.

Step 2

In the large bowl add chicken wings, garlic mixture, salt, sugar, chili powder, cumin and potato starch. Give it a good mix. Marinate over night or cook it right of way.

Step 3

In large pan or skillet add 1 inch of oil. Add chicken to heated oil (350- 375F) and fry it until golden color then flip to the other side, crush the rest of the garlic cloves and add to the oil, fry until chicken wings are cooked thru.

Step 4

Transfer to a plate lined with paper towel. Garnish with dill and a sprinkle of black pepper. Serve with lemon wedges and dipping sauce like ranch or yum yum sauce. Enjoy!


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