Cute, meat and cheese turkey platter with delicious meats like smoked salmon and prosciutto served with mini cheese toasts and cucumbers with grapes.

Last Minute Turkey Cheese Platter




– 1 red pear cut in half – 8 oz smoked salmon Echo Falls Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon from Albertsons – 6 oz prosciutto Primo Taglio from Albertsons – 3 small cucumbers sliced – 4 oz mild cheddar cheese cut into small squares – 4 oz pepper jack cheese cut into small squares – 2.8 oz bite-size mini toasts Joan of Arc from Albertsons – green grapes – 2 cloves for eyes

6 people

15 mins

Step 1

First, lets make our little turkey using 1 red pear. Wash pear and cut it in half. Pick the best half of the pear and place it on the bottom of a platter or board.

Step 2

Next, using whole 2 cloves, add them to the top of the pear to make eyes. To make turkey’s beak, use cheese and cut it into tiny triangle. For turkey’s wattle use a little slice of meat like prosciutto, salmon or salami.

Step 3

After creating turkey for the cheese platter, now lets add our ingredients together. Feel free to get creative and arrange ingredients any way you like it.

Step 4

This meat and cheese turkey platter was arranged in this order: first pear turkey, next cucumber slices, salmon, mini toasts with pepper jack cheese. Then cucumber slices, prosciutto, red grapes and last but not least mini toasts with cheddar cheese. Isn’t this a one cute Thanksgiving platter?

Step 5

Bring this yummy turkey fruit and cheese platter to your friends-giving or family gathering. Enjoy!