Salami Cream Cheese Roll Ups



15 mins

10 servings


– 2 - 8 oz cream cheese softened – 12 oz salami thinly sliced – 1/2 cup green onion chopped – 1/2 cup baby pickles

Step 1

To make salami and cream cheese roll ups you will need a food plastic wrap and 2 cutting boards for flipping the ingredients on the other side.

Step 2

Place a plastic wrap on the cutting board add softened cream cheese, follow by another plastic wrap sheet.

Step 3

Roll, roll, and roll until you roll out a nice looking square.

Step 4

Remove the top wrap and add yummy salami. Try to pick a thinly sliced salami at the store for this salami cream cheese roll ups recipe. Place salami in a row over lapping each salami.

Step 5

Add plastic wrap on top, place a cutting board and flip everything on the other side.  Sprinkle green onion. Carefully roll salami into a roll.  Using toothpicks poke thru pickles thru the top.  Refrigerate, slice and enjoy!

Refreshing, meaty, and filled with cream cheese salami roll ups.



Happy Cooking!