Salmon Tempura Sushi Taco

Tempura Salmon Sushi Taco - a crispy tempura seaweed taco shell filled with crispy tempura salmon cubes, sticky rice, avocado, cucumber, green onion, sesame seeds, and sriracha mayo.

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For Tempura Batter – 3/4 cup flour – 3/4 cup potato starch 1/4 cup for the batter & 1/2 cup for dipping salmon – 1 egg – 1/4 cup vodka cold – 3/4 cup carbonated water cold For Sushi Tacos – 1 lb salmon skin removed & cut into bite size cubes – 8 sheets seaweed cut into circles – 1 cup sushi rice cooked – 1 avocado peeled & sliced – 1/2 english cucumber cut into tiny strips – 3 tablespoons green onion chopped – 4 tablespoons mayo mixed with sriracha, to taste – 1 teaspoon sriracha or to taste – sesame seeds for garnish, 100% optional – soy sauce for serving – avocado oil or any oil of your choice for frying

Step 1

In a mixing bowl, mix flour with potato starch and set aside. In a different bowl whisk egg with vodka, then add carbonated water. Whisk until combined.

Step 2

Pour egg mixture into flour mixture and whisk until everything is combined, whisk up to a minute (be careful not to over-mix).

Step 3

Pour oil into the pot filling it up to 2 inch from the bottom. Preheat over medium heat. Coat each salmon piece inside the potato starch, then dip it into the tempura batter, after add it to the pot to fry.

Step 4

Fry until salmon is cooked thru, about few minutes stirring few times, transfer onto a plate lined with paper towel. Repeat with the rest of the salmon.

Step 5

To fry seaweed, carefully coat seaweed circles into the tempura batter, then fry it until golden color on both sides, transfer onto a plate lined with paper towel and fold it into a taco shape. Repeat with the rest of the seaweed.

Step 6

Assemble tacos with sushi rice, spicy Mayo, cucumbers, avocado, crispy salmon bites, more sauce, green onion and sesame seeds. Serve with soy sauce. Enjoy!


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