Christmas Tree Cheese Platter - cheese and cracker christmas tree platter idea for cellebrating Christmas or New Years Celebration.

Super Easy Christmas Cheese Platter Idea




– 1 lb smoked salmon Costco has yummy options – 1 package prosciutto meat – 1 cucumber sliced – green grapes – cheese of your choice cubed – crackers – sliced bread – dill for garnish

4 people

15 mins

Step 1

To make cheese platter, start with sliced cucumbers as a base of the Christmas Tree. Lay sliced cucuber in a straight row on a cutting board.

Step 2

Next add smoked salmon. Then add cheese of your choice. Follow by green grapes and prosciutto meat.

Step 3

Repeat until it looks like a beautiful Christmas Tree Cheese Platter. Using cheese cut out a star and add it to the top of the tree.

Step 4

Finally garnish with dill or any fresh greens. Serve with sliced bread and little forks for salmon. Enjoy!