Pinecone Crafts

Easy Pinecone Crafts

Easy Pinecone CraftsAren’t these Easy Pinecone Crafts are sooo cute!  We made these Pinecone Crafts  few days ago using pine cones, felt, glue gun, googly eyes and little tree sticks from outside.  You and your kids will love the end result!  It only takes few minutes to make this easy craft so what are you waiting for? Make one with your kids! You will not only create an easy craft but also you will create a sweet memory for your little munchkin.

Pinecone Crafts As you can see they are pretty easy to make.  To make an Owl: using felt cut out an eight shape, then using hot glue gun glue it on the pine cone.  Glue googly eyes.

Pinecone Crafts Using colorful felt cut out wings and little feet and glue it to the pine cone.

Pinecone Crafts Add little nose.  And you are DONE!Pinecone Crafts

To make a red nose reindeer: using glue gun glue googly eyes on the top of the pinecone, then take yellow or brown felt cut out two little ears, glue them to the both sides of the reindeer’s head.  Using red felt cut a little nose and glue it to the pinecone.  Lastly find two little sticks from outside and attach them to the reindeer’s head.  Ta Daaaa!

Easy Pinecone CraftsI hope you like this cute easy craft and I hope it will inspire you to make this it with your kids!

Easy Pinecone CraftsPinecone Crafts Visit Munchkin Time Archive for more crafty ideas.Easy Pinecone Crafts Easy Pinecone CraftsNeed more easy kid crafts and ideas? Click Here to get inspired.Easy Pinecone Crafts

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Easy Pinecone Crafts

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10 thoughts on “Easy Pinecone Crafts

  1. I can’t wait to try these with the kids. We have decided this year that we want our tree to be mostly homemade ornaments, and I think this will fit right in. Not only that, but it will help me find something to do with all the pine cones in my yard.

    1. Thank you so much Crystal! I am so glad you liked this pinecone craft, if you make it with your kiddos please share it with us by tagging @munchkintimeblog on Instagram, we would love to see your creations!

  2. I just found 2 bags of pine cones when I put away the Christmas decorations. I am glad I didn’t throw them away.

    found this on Lou Lou Girls Linky

    1. Thank you Audrey! By the way I love your name! It was one of the names we liked and wanted to name my youngest daughter but we ended up naming her Via.

  3. Super cute! Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you taking the time to stop by our party. We love partying with you! I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls

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