Ground Turkey Omelette Roll Recipe

Ground Turkey Omelette Roll Recipe (1 of 1)-26You gotta try this yummy Ground Turkey Omelette Roll Recipe for breakfast or dinner today.  It is so juicy, and a taste so good on a sliced Artisan bread and with a fresh cool slices of cucumber.  I am sure you will like it. (1 of 1)-4Ingredients for Omelette:

3 eggs
100 g of any hard cheese (I used mozzarella) grated
100 g of mayonnaise
1 tbsp semolina, manki (optional)

For the filling:

300-350 grams ground turkey ( 1 1/2 cups)
2 onions (more or less to taste)
salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 350F. (1 of 1)-3Mix eggs with mayo, grated cheese, and semolina. (1 of 1)-7….love watching my daughter cook….isn’t she is so cute! (1 of 1) (1 of 1)-6Mix until all ingredients are combined, and set aside. (1 of 1)-8Lets make the filling.

Peel your onions and cut them. Then saute with a splash of olive oil. (1 of 1)-13Place it in the blender and blend it. (1 of 1)-14Combine ground turkey, onion, salt and pepper. (1 of 1)-9Lay a baking paper on a baking sheet, grease it with oil. (1 of 1)-11Pour out Omelette batter. (1 of 1)-12Bake it in the oven until Omlette turns to golden color. (1 of 1)-16Remove baking paper. (1 of 1)-17(I usually place foil paper on top the Omlette and then flip it over and then slowly remove the baking paper.) (1 of 1)-18Spread the stuffing over the entire Omelette. (1 of 1)-19Roll  into a roll, and cover with a foil paper. (1 of 1)-22Bake @ 350F for 40 (1 of 1)-20Cool it in the foil so all of the juices will soak back into the (1 of 1)-27Slice it and enjoy. (1 of 1)-24Feel free to like, comment, and share!

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2 thoughts on “Ground Turkey Omelette Roll Recipe

  1. I was looking for different recipes starring ground turkey and this was a great one! I would have never thought of this. It was relatively simple and my kids LOVED it! We had it for dinner, but I love that this meal can be served during breakfast or dinner. My kids will be really excited to have the leftovers for breakfast! Great idea

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