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Easy Vanilla Cake Pops with Cake Pop Maker (Video)

Vanilla Cake Pops Recipe – Soft and easy vanilla cake pops are so easy to make in a cake pop maker! Indulge in one or four, or gift them to friends and family as a special treat.


Surprise your kids or treat-loving-friends with the best and easiest Vanilla Cake Pops ever! Made in the Babycakes Cake Pops Maker, this dessert is surprisingly easy to make and is just as delicious as your everyday vanilla cake (but with much less hassle).

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Easy Vanilla Cake Pops with Cake Pop Maker

The Babycakes Cake Pops Maker makes this recipe a breeze. Its small molds help to form the cake batter into perfectly round balls every time. This easy cake pop recipe is done baking in minutes, meaning you can spend more time preparing the fun and seasonal decorations. 


Cake pops from scratch can be decorated to suit any taste bud, season, or holiday. I chose to decorate these pops with a pink chocolate glaze and white sprinkles for Valentine’s Day. Whip up a batch to celebrate pumpkin season, as a two-bite treat for Easter, or shape them into a snowman during winter!

vanilla cake pops recipe

What are cake pops?

Have you ever had a craving for cake but didn’t want to indulge in an entire slice? That’s what cake pops are for! Made with the same batter as your favorite cake, cake pops are baked into a small ball shape, pierced with a stick, then covered in a melted chocolate glaze or frosting.


Cake pops come in all flavors, shapes, and sizes. You can usually find cake pops at Starbucks, but I highly recommend making them at home for the freshest flavor.


What you need to make the best vanilla cake pop recipe

Just like your favorite vanilla cake recipe, these small cake treats are soft, sweet, and fluffy. The Babycakes Cake Pops Maker is necessary when you want to bake the best cake pops to perfection. Otherwise, all you need are simple ingredients:

  • All-purpose flour
  • Baking powder
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla extract
  • Milk
  • Pink chocolate glaze
  • White sprinkles

How to make cake pops with a cake pop maker

How to make vanilla cake pops with a cake pop maker

Step 1 – Whisk the flour, salt, and baking powder together in a mixing bowl.

How to make cake pops with a cake pop maker

Step 2 – Use an electric mixer to whisk the butter and sugar together until light and creamy.

Cake pop batter

Step 3 – Add the vanilla and eggs into the bowl and whisk until fully combined.

How to make cake pops with a cake pop makerAdd flour to the batter 1 cup at a time.

Step 4 – Combine half of the dry ingredients and the milk into the wet ingredients. Whisk, and then add the rest of the flour. Continue whisking until fully combined. 

Adding batter into each of the cake pop maker molds

Step 5 – Pour 1 tablespoon of batter into each of the cake pop maker molds. Close the top and bake until the green light comes on.

Cake pops baking in cake pop maker

Step 6 – While the cake pops cool, make the glaze by melting the chocolate in the microwave.

Dip each pop in the melted chocolate

Step 7 – Pierce with a cake pop stick.  Dip each pop in the melted chocolate so the cake is fully coated. Add the sprinkles on top, and then place them in the fridge to fully cool and harden.

Easy Vanilla Cake Pops with Cake Pop Maker

Tips and substitutions

  • Put the cooled cake pops without the glaze into the freezer. Letting them freeze helps the texture of the cake and makes glazing really easy.
  • The cake batter will be on the thicker side, similar to a pound cake.
  • If spooning the batter into the molds is too messy, use small ice cream scoop or transfer batter to a piping bag and pipe it into the molds instead.
  • You can use melted chocolate to coat the cake pops for a solid glaze or dip them in vanilla buttercream instead.
  • Melting chocolate, like Wilton candy melts, are much easier to melt than chocolate chips.
  • Dip the cake pop stick in a little glaze before topping it with the ball of cake. This helps the cake pop to stay in place.
  • Instead of swirling the pop around in the glaze and potentially breaking the cake apart, dunk it straight down into the melted chocolate and slowly bring it back up. 

Cake pops

How to store cake pops

Cake pops can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container for a few days. Don’t keep them in the fridge or else unwelcome condensation will surround the cake pop and ruin the texture.

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Easy Vanilla Cake Pops with Cake Pop Maker

Easy Vanilla Cake Pops with Cake Pop Maker

Love Keil
Easy Vanilla Cake Pops – Soft and sweet vanilla cake pops are so easy to make in a cake pop maker!
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 32 cake pops
Calories 124 kcal


  • Baby Cake Pops Maker



  • Mix flour with salt and baking powder, and set aside. In a large mixing bowl wisk butter and sugar until light and creamy. Add vanilla and eggs. Wisk.
    Cake pop batter
  • Add 1/2 flour mixture into the egg mixture, wisk then add milk. Wisk.  Add another 1/2 of flour mixture. Wisk.
    How to make cake pops with a cake pop maker
  • Using small ice cream scoop add 1 tbsp of batter into each cake pop maker molds. Close the top and bake for 5 minutes…or until green light turns ON.
    Adding batter into each of the cake pop maker molds
  •  Pull them out and let them cool. After they are cooled put them in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. (This really helps to glaze cake pops)
    Cake pops baking in cake pop maker
  • To glaze, melt white chocolate in the microwave for 30-60 seconds, add pink food coloring to make pink chocolate glaze.
    Dip each pop in the melted chocolate
  • Pierce cake pops with a cake pop stick.  Dip each pop in the melted chocolate so the cake is fully coated, tap on the edge of the bowl to get rid of extra chocolate. Add the sprinkles on top, and then place them in the fridge to fully cool and harden. Enjoy!
    What are cake pops?



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Calories: 124kcalCarbohydrates: 16gProtein: 2gFat: 6gSaturated Fat: 4gTrans Fat: 1gCholesterol: 20mgSodium: 57mgPotassium: 53mgFiber: 1gSugar: 11gVitamin A: 112IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 30mgIron: 1mg
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  1. Could I make them chocolate ? (Using your recipe)

  2. Looks amazing. We are going to try and make them today. How many cake pops does your recipe make?

  3. These look yummy! Mmm.

  4. They turned out pretty good. Next time I will use a whisk.

  5. My cakes would not rise up all the way into the ball shape.

  6. Could you make this recipe with a cake pop pan instead? What emo should the oven be?

    • Hi Baker! I would love to make this recipe in cake pop pan but first I need to get that pan. I will put this recipe in my to do list. As for the temperature I believe its 325F and you bake them for 15-18 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the center of the cake pop. I hope that helps.

  7. hi. I am from south Africa and I do not have a cake pop maker. I just bought a cake pop pan though, and I am eager to try it out without using cake box stuff. would this recipe work in the oven in a cake pop pan?

    • Hi Ibtisam! I have never baked them in the cake pop pan, but I am sure it should work, make sure to follow instructions on how to fill the pan with dough(how many tablespoons per cake pop you need to fill the pan). I hope that answered your question.

  8. Hi, have been doing pop cakes using your recipe but the batter gets very runny after i close the pop cake maker. It was basically running out of the wholes so I endeed up with just a half ball 🙁
    I wonder what did I do wrong? Any tips? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Emilia! I apologize for such a late reply. I have never experienced runny batter when making this recipe, it is kinda hard to guess what you did wrong:( Was your butter a room temperature not hot and runny?

  9. I have the Babycakes multi treat maker. Do you think your recipe will work for the mini cupcakes too?

  10. Gloria Gaitán

    Hi! I bought a pop cake maker some days ago and my first attempt was a mess! I followed the directions in the booklet and also visited their website and practiced with their recipes but it turned out horrible, the pops didn’t come out round and smooth as in all the wonderful pictures I had seen. Since I am more on the stubborn side, I decided to give it another try so I searched for recipes and I came across your site. Today I tried this recipe and it turned out great! Thank you so much for your directions. I just changed one thing from all I have read and heard: I spoon the batter into the holes without pre-heating the maker, so that the batter stays firm until I turn the maker on. I´ll be coming back to your site.

    • OMG Gloria, thank you so much for sharing this! I am so glad you found this recipe and it turned out great for you! Thank you so much for the cooking tip I am sure readers will find it useful!

  11. Nataliya Simpson

    Just made cake pops with your recipes, and they are very yummy. I would do less sugar next time for my self, but my kids love it the way it is. Thank you. Will never buy another box of cake mix.

  12. Can I substitute the vanilla for coco powder instead?? I ran out of vanilla

    • Munchkin Time

      Hi Megan! I have never substituted the vanilla for coco powder before, but I am sure coco powder will make cake pops taste chocolaty good! I hope that answers your question!

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  14. These look delicious! I’ll be trying these with my son tomorrow!

  15. Hi, thank you for your receipt,if I need more than 3 dozens, do you recommand to make batter twice or double the ingredients?

  16. Hi! I am going to make these Thursday night for Halloween. I have two questions, can I freeze them overnight on their sticks and how much white chocolate did you need to melt for all of them?

    • Munchkin Time

      Hi Stephanie! I have never froze them over night but Yes these cake pops are freezer friendly but I would make sure to cover them with plastic wrap. As for a white chocolate I believe I used 11 oz bag of Ghirardelli white chocolate from Walmart. I hope that helps!

  17. Hi,

    I’m making them for my grandon’s 5th birthday party so I want to know whats the best way to make sure that the sticks don’t fall off or that they are secure in the cake pop. Should I dip them into the chocolate melt and then stick them in the cake ball? Also, can I use the Wilton candy melts?

    • Munchkin Time

      Hi Chiquita! Hope you are having a good day!

      Yes dipping them in the melted chocolate should help! dip sticks into melted chocolate and stick them into cakepop then place them in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes or until chocolate gets hard, before dipping cakepop into melted chocolate, so the chocolate will get hard inside the cakepop. Wilton chocolate melts are perfect for melting! Good luck! Happy 5th birthday to your grandson!

  18. shawna Clark

    When you put them in fridge how do you do that?? So white chocolate dont come off . Upside down or in a bowl or what

    • Munchkin Time

      I usually use foam block from craft store, or bowl filled with little rocks also from craft store that way the popcake doesnt touches the plate and it has perfect round shape!

  19. Do you think that vanilla frosting would work just as well as white chocolate? I may try a little of both, but I’m trying to make some in my new cake pop maker for a friend’s birthday next week! I don’t have this same cake pop maker, but I have a similar one.

    • Munchkin Time

      Hi Megan! I haven’t tried making cake pops with vanilla frosting. I hope it will work out, and I am pretty sure any cake pop maker will make perfect cake pops when using this recipe!=)

  20. So.. for anyone thinking about trying these with your oven cake pop mould… My first attempt didnt work… they come apart… but still VERY yummy! Next time I make these… I’ll be getting a cakepop counter top maker… Lol. Guess I’ll be sticking to the tray’s recipe this time around. I’ll be asking for one of these for christmas..

    • Munchkin Time

      Thank you so much Allie for sharing your baking experiment! I am sure this will be useful for those who has oven cake pop molds=)

  21. Hi there! I am making these tonight for my daughter’s class bday celebration tomorrow. After I’ve dipped and cooled them, do you suggest storing them overnight in the fridge? Btw, the cakes on their own are delish! Had to keep my girls’ hands out of the mixing bowl. Thanks for a great vanilla cake recipe!

    • Munchkin Time

      Thank you so much Vanessa! I usually don’t put them in the fridge and I make them one day before birthday party, they still taste amazing! I hope that helps! Happy Birthday to your Daughter!

  22. Thanks. So I can use white chocolate chips or chocolate chips

  23. Did you use white chocolate chips? or white baking chocolate? did you have to add any oil.

    • Munchkin Time

      Hi Shari! I always use white chocolate chips, and no I microwave chocolate without adding oil. It sounds like a good idea tho, to add a little butter.

  24. How many cake pops does your recipe make?

  25. Can you please tell me witch better you use for those. I’m trying to do this one but I can’t 🙁
    Thank you!

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