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Nourishing Recipes

Quinoa Arugula Salad

Quinoa Arugula Salad – This colorful, vibrant, and fresh salad comes together in minutes and is loaded with simple nutritious ingredients and a ton of flavor! You’re going to keep coming back to this one, I promise! When YOU make Arugula and Quinoa Salad Recipe, tag us @munchkintimeblog on Instagram, we would LOVE to see […]

Healthy green smoothie with spinach.

Glowing Green Smoothie

Glowing Green Smoothie – A vitamin-packed smoothie that not only tastes great but is healthy and so easy to make. Tropical fruits, spinach, and collagen powder come together to create a blend of nutrients and flavor in a drink the whole family will love! There are so many combinations of […]

Spinach Smoothie Recipe with pineapple, melon and collagen powder.

Spinach Smoothie Recipe

Spinach Smoothie Recipe – This simple and refreshing smoothie recipe is a great way to start your day with extra greens and whole lot of nutrients without skimping on taste! Made with cucumber, melon, pineapple, spinach, and the option of adding collagen powder.  When YOU make Spinach Smoothie tag us @munchkintimeblog on Instagram, […]

Ginger Lemon Honey Syrup Recipe

Ginger Lemon Honey Syrup Recipe (Natural Immune Booster)

Ginger Lemon Honey Syrup Recipe – Honey ginger syrup with lemon slices, blended to a smooth consistency. A natural immune booster recipe you can use all year round! When YOU make this Honey Ginger Syrup Recipe, take a picture & tag us on Instagram @MunchkinTimeBlog, we would love to see your creation! I would […]

orange pineapple juice

Immune Orange Juice Recipe (Best Fruit Juice)

Orange Juice Recipe – Freshly squeezed, refreshing immune juice made with 5 ingredients tossed in a juicer! The sweetness of whole fruits plus turmeric root and no added sugar makes this an easy and delicious way to boost your family’s immune system once cold and flu season comes around! When YOU make this Orange […]

Dairy free Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe

Best Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe

Best Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe  –  a delicious & dairy free banana protein shake.  Made of almond milk and my favorite chocolate protein powder with real ingredients. Quick Notes How to Make Protein Shake To make a protein shake, using a blender combine 1/2 banana, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 scoop […]