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How To Make Frozen Olaf Pinata Easy DIY Tutorial

 How To Make Olaf Pinata Easy DIY Tutorial – It was my daughter’s birthday few weeks ago, as you can see we had Frozen Theme for her birthday party.

How To Make Olaf Pinata Easy DIY Tutorial I absolutely enjoyed crafting handmade decor for her party like burlap and lace birthday banner, white snowy backdrop, Frozen blue tutu skirt, but my favorite crafty project was this Olaf Pinata.

I was so proud of myself since I have never made pinatas before and when I made Olaf Pinata it made me smile to see how happy my daughter Ani was.

It is not hard to make as it seems and it cost me around $5.00 not bad compare to buying it online for $60.00.

Olaf PinataTo make Frozen Olaf Pinata you will need:

one white poster paper

3 balloons


homemade mod podge

old newspaper

white paper



orange felt or paper

recycled cardboard

hot glue gun


cotton balls

tree branches

Paper cut in half.How to make Olaf Pinata:

1. Cut white poster in half.Paper cut in half again.

2. Then cut one half in half again.How to make Olaf Pinata, first blow up a ballon.

3.  Blow a big size balloon.How to make Olaf Pinata

4. Cover with 2 1/4 of the poster sheets on top and the bottom of the balloon, secure it with tape.How to make Olaf PinataOlaf shape piñata.Making Olaf piñata.It should look like this.

How to make Olaf Pinata5. Cut an old newspaper into 1-2 inch strips.Mod Podge paper.How to make Olaf Pinata using mod podge.6. Mod podge it and cover your balloon.Olaf piñata head drying.7. Let it dry.Using another ballon to make Olaf body.8. Make 2 more balloons but one smaller size than other then  mod podge them and let them dry.How to make Olaf PinataOlaf Pinata 3 piece.Pop ballons inside the Olaf body part.9. Pop the balloons to make olaf pinata - frozen10. Cut 2-3 inches off the top, that is going to be our to make Olaf face.11. Cut out Olaf’s nose just like in this pic.

Olaf head is ready for painting.12. Using a glue gun glue the noise to Olaf’s to make olaf smile.13. Take 2 foil papers and shape them up like a comma shape. Olaf smiling.

14. Attach them to the both sides of the mouth using glue gun.

Smiling Olaf.Mod Podging white paper on Olaf Piñata.15. Mod podge Olaf’s head and 2 other balloons with white paper.

Olaf nose.16. Make Olaf’s to make olaf nose.Hot glue nose to Olaf Head.

17. Glue it to Olaf’s face.Applying the top of the piñata.

18.  To make a cover for the top of the head cut out a circle and 3 strips of cardboard. Attaching hot glue.19. Using a hot glue glue it to the inside of the head.

How To Make Olaf Pinata Easy DIY Tutorial Cardboard with two holes for the head of the piñata.20. Make a hole then glue it to the top of Olaf’s head. (I accidentally make two holes)

Everything is glued together.This is how it looks inside.

Twine is attached to the cardboard.21. Cut out a square shape cardboard make a hole and knot a string thru it.

Twine is hot glued it to the cardboard.22. Add some hot glue.

Twine is attached to the piñata head.

23. Add the string from inside of the head.Pinata top is ready.

23. To attach Olaf’s body parts cut out cardboard paper strips and glue them to the inside.How to attach Olaf body.24. Add hot glue on top of the strips and attach it to Olaf’s head and hold it until glue cools off. Mod Podge the neck with white paper.Olaf Hands craft out of card board. 25. Using cardboard make two hands and glue them to Olaf’s body.

Hands attached to the Olaf belly.Olaf eyes attached to the piñata.Glue small tree branches to the top of Olaf’s head

Cotton balls.To decorate Olaf unroll cotton balls.

Cotton balls are ready to coat Olaf's body.Lots of them.

How To Make Olaf Pinata Easy DIY Tutorial Cover Olaf’s body with cotton using hot glue gun.

How To Make Olaf legs.To make legs cut two poster strips and glue two sides together.

How To Make Olaf legs.Glue small strips to inside of the leg.

Legs attached to Olaf Pinata.Add more glue on top of the strips then glue them to Olaf’s lower body then finish covering Olaf’s body with cotton.

Olaf's head is coated with cotton balls.Glue white rectangle shape paper to the top of Olaf’s mouth and black piece of paper to the bottom of Olaf’s mouth to cover his insides.

Eyes craft.Draw two big eyes and glue them to Olaf’s head.

Olaf Pinata all ready for the party.I forgot to add eyebrows and Olaf’s buttons =(

I hope you liked this tutorial.

If you make Frozen Olaf Pinata please tag my name @munchkintimeblog or #munchkintimeblog on Instagram, I would LOVE to see your creations!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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