Cheesy Chicken Bacon #Penini - grilled chicken breast topped with baked bacon and ripe tomatoes, followed by melted cheese. #peninirecipes

Grilled Cheese Chicken Panini Sandwich

Lets celebrate with sizzling Grilled Cheese Chicken Panini Sandwich! Loaded with simple yet amazingly delicious ingredients like mozzarella cheese, crisp bacon, grilled chicken, ripe tomatoes and buttery homemade white bread. Wait. What are we celebrating? National Cheese Day of course! Did you know June 4th is National Cheese Day here in United States. Cheese is […]

Italian Soda with Blueberry Syrup - made of frozen blueberries, Simple Truth Italian soda and cold ice. #italiansoda #blueberrysyrup

Italian Soda with Blueberry Syrup

Italian soda is bubbly sweet and super delicious drink! This soda recipe is made of Organic Simple Truth frozen blueberries, half and half, Simple Truth Blood Orange Italian soda, organic cane sugar, water and ice.  Served with orange slices and mint. Beautiful summer drink to enjoy on a hot summer day. Q. – What do […]

Caramelized Onion Arugula Burger Recipe - The Juicy Cheesy Burger! -- #burgerrecipe #homemadeburgers

Caramelized Onions Burger Recipe

Caramelized onions followed by juicy homemade patties with melted cheese on top, garnished with fresh arugula and topped with grilled fluffy buns – this is what Caramelized Onions Burger Recipe is all about. These delicious homemade burgers can be made in just under 40 minutes. Juicy and delicious burger that will satisfy your hamburger cravings […]

Honey Glazed Salmon Recipe juicy and so delicious! #honeyglazedsalmon #salmonrecipes --

Honey Glazed Salmon

Honey Glazed Salmon Recipe is brought to you by Fred Meyer and Pacific Northwest Honey Farm! Thank you! Woohoo it is finally a grilling season! My favorite! I love warm evening nights and having dinner outside on a weekends. Grilling Hawaiian BBQ Chicken or steak and enjoying it with friends while watching colorful sunset on […]

European Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake Recipe - Munchkintime #chocolatecakerecipe

European Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake Recipe

    Introducing – delicate, moist, creamy European Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake Recipe brought to you by Willapa Hills Family Farm and Creamery. This Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake made of 3 sponge layers, brushed with delicious syrup, followed by melted dark chocolate, creamy cream cheese frosting and garnished with dark chocolate shavings and sliced strawberries. This […]